Friday, May 1, 2015

Run All Night

Run All Night
Carmike 8 High Point

Yes it is the same movie Liam Neeson has made like 10 times, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to watch. I mean really, Liam Neeson could read the phone book 10 times and he would still sound B.A. "Run All Night" is an entertaining movie with great performances by Neeson and Apollo 13 guy.

Not Tom Hanks

No not Kevin Bacon

Come on of course I'm not talking about Bill Paxton I'm talking about Ed Harris. Harris plays a bad guy...

Yes I know how he was a good guy in Apollo 13 but in this movie he's a bad guy...

I don't know if he's ever played a bad guy before I haven't seen every one of Ed Harris's movies, I don't think anyone has...

Well I guess he played the bad guy well, he was sort of a good bad guy...

Can we stop talking about Ed Harris he dies in the movie anyway...

No that's not a spoiler, in what action movie does the bad guy not die...

Ok I'm done with this post.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina
Regal Palladium Cinemas

This movie was actually kind of boring but it had a very satisfactory final 20 minutes or so. Wait on this on until it's streaming on netflix. It will be streaming it's not good enough for DVD only.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

3 Years 4 Months

Ok I have seen a movie in the last 40 months I just stop blogging about them. Tonight I was reading some old posts and laughing at myself because I am indeed very funny. So. I decided it was time once again to return to the world wide web and begin reviewing movies! See you tomorrow after I see some robot thing.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Incredibly Loud and Extremely Clost Part 2

Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close
The Grand Theater
Better, but now that I think about it...Annoying

Now, the second half of the movie it's like the JV team stopped and the Varsity took over. It was really good with outrageously good performances by the annoying kid and even more so by Sandra Bullock. Bullock should be nominated for another Oscar. Her performance was better then in The Blind Side .(Which was a great movie too by the way)

The story got better but it still wasn't constructed very well. The pace of the script wasn't smooth either. Not that every thing needs to be in chronological order but the picture has to have it's own uninterrupted rhythm. It didn't flow, it felt jerky.

After an hour I really started pulling for all the characters, where as the first half I wished it was them who had died. That's quite a turn around in a few minutes. (Hence two different reviews) I suppose it could have been that the pain of the first half caused me to feel empathy for the kid and his family in the second half, but I doubt it. I really hated that kid...and his stupid tambourine.

Finally I am annoyed by the following.

1. We never found out for sure if the old man was the annoying kid's Grandfather.
2. I didn't understand the sixth borough thing at all, I mean did he solve that mystery?
3. We never found out what the key was for!!!! Tell me what is was for!!!!! It's not like you couldn't have found out!!!!!!

Ok I hated this movie....

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Part 1

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Grand Theater
Poor- Annoyingly so

Wow, I have never wanted to get up and leave before. It wasn't that the first half of this movie was bad, it was intolerable. It felt like the film makers were trying to be purposely annoying. I mean, we get it the kid has problems but did we have to make him annoying and unlikeable as well? After the first half an hour we got it that this kid was socially awkward. We didn't need to have the point driven home. It was like a nail to the head. The horse was beaten and the horse was dead. And the story didn't make any sense, nor was it believable that you let your very strange child wonder Central Park in NYC and talk to homeless people alone. I'm sorry, I don't buy it.

If I hadn't planned on seeing "The Grey" afterwards I would have left the movie half way through.....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

One for the Money

One for the Money
The Grand Theater

It was at the request of my smokin' hot wife that I saw this movie. Becky is a big fan of Janet Evanovich and was super psyched to see this movie (She's hoping for 17 sequals). She was pleased with the casting and performance of all the main characters with the exception of Ranger, who she liked but just didn't live up to her mental image. "Ranger needs more presence" In any case I really enjoyed the movie because it pleased my wife. Her enthusuasm for the characters and the story was infectious. Multiple times over the evening I asked her "Are they getting it right?" and every time she said yes. To see her happy and satisfied made me happy and satidfied.

Without Becky's interest I would have never have seen the movie. Becky even said that as a movie alone she would not have gone to see it either. That's probably true for 99% of the people who went to see it. It is loved only because it appeared in book form first. If it stood on its own, noone would have gone to see it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Grand Theater
Excellent +

Murder mystery fils are a genre that I don't watch often enough. This was an exciting suspense filled movie with "lots to see." This intriguing story gives you more that you expect which makes you feel like you got an extra treat event.