Sunday, November 15, 2009


The Grand Theater

Now before I start, a few things. 1. If you're worried about a movie being believable, don't go see a movie about the end of the world. And don't complain about how predictable it is as if you want the heroes in the story to die. You know you don't want them to die! Oh stop it, that wasn't any more a spolier than telling you "There's going to be a big wave!"
Now with that understanding this is a great movie! It's long, but hey it takes a long time to destroy the world. I wasn't bored at all, I thought the effects were good. Not "Christmas Carol" or "Knowing" great, but I was in no way disapointed. I thought the acting and the story were appropriate to the movie which was being made. Will it win an Oscar, no but something tells me we all understood that before we went. I've been looking forward to this movie and it did not let me down. Good job. Everyone, really, relax and have a little fun for a change. Not every movie has to change the world, as long as it destroys it.

Pirate Radio

The Grand Theater

This movie was surprisingly better, funnier, and sweeter than expected. It was a nice surprise. The characters in this movie are endearing, even when they're horrible to each other. Their charm and bond makes you want to be a part of their group. This is what propels this movie to greatness. Now don't get too excited, Pirate Radio isn't going to change the world, but it's worth seeing, on DVD at least!

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Grand Theater

This movie looked funny and had an All-Star cast, so I was surprised when I spent the whole evening a little bored. There was a lot of potential, and it wasn't a horrible movie, the story just didn't deliver the goods. Better luck next time I guess.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Christmas Carol 3-D

The Grand Theater

This was the scariest I've seen in a long time. That's saying a lot considering my list. There were times I was shaken, and this isn't an unfamiliar story. This was also a beautiful movie with amusement park like effects, especially with the 3-D, which by the way I highly reccomend. With the 3-D glasses you really notice the care and detail taken to truly make this an imaginative and engaging remake of the ultimate Christmas Story (Next to the Jesus Story of course.) Many are critical of this movie because of it's over use of special effects and I would agree with them if the story telling and acting weren't as superb as they were. Jim Carey (I'm not really a fan) was excellent in his portrayal of Scrooge and the Spirits of Christmas Past and Present. Each Spirit character including Jacob Marley was both endearing and terrifying. Exactly as their characters should be. The exception being the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come, he and his evil black horse and carriage were the scariest things I've ever seen, there was nothing endearing about them. The animation of all the scenes were beautiful and realistic. There is so much color that sometimes it heart to see the screen. The animation was so good, it really felt like you were flying over buildings. It was truly and exciting and entertaining experience. The special effects are absolutely neccesary in the making of this film. The same critics who complain about too much spectacle will be the sames ones who would have labled this version as unoriginal if the effects were left out. There is no way for Jim Carey or any other actor to match the brilliance of George C. Scott, No animated version could be as loved and endearing as the Disney Version with Scrooge McDuck. This version had to be different, and it had to be a visual masterpiece, and it was.
Do not take your children to see this movie. It's way too intense. But you should go, although I'm sure many will disagree with me, I beleive this if the best version of "A Christmas Carol" ever made. At the very least it is the most terrifying and visually astounding version!