Monday, January 30, 2012

Incredibly Loud and Extremely Clost Part 2

Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close
The Grand Theater
Better, but now that I think about it...Annoying

Now, the second half of the movie it's like the JV team stopped and the Varsity took over. It was really good with outrageously good performances by the annoying kid and even more so by Sandra Bullock. Bullock should be nominated for another Oscar. Her performance was better then in The Blind Side .(Which was a great movie too by the way)

The story got better but it still wasn't constructed very well. The pace of the script wasn't smooth either. Not that every thing needs to be in chronological order but the picture has to have it's own uninterrupted rhythm. It didn't flow, it felt jerky.

After an hour I really started pulling for all the characters, where as the first half I wished it was them who had died. That's quite a turn around in a few minutes. (Hence two different reviews) I suppose it could have been that the pain of the first half caused me to feel empathy for the kid and his family in the second half, but I doubt it. I really hated that kid...and his stupid tambourine.

Finally I am annoyed by the following.

1. We never found out for sure if the old man was the annoying kid's Grandfather.
2. I didn't understand the sixth borough thing at all, I mean did he solve that mystery?
3. We never found out what the key was for!!!! Tell me what is was for!!!!! It's not like you couldn't have found out!!!!!!

Ok I hated this movie....

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